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OK, so you've got your website really looking good and you are ready to drive traffic to it.  Make sure you have updated the Description and Keywords fields located in the Searching Information section of the Administration Screen.  This information will be utilized by SitePlanet to provide specific information about your company and its products or services to the Search Engines.  Then, fill out the information below and Site Planet will submit your website for registration with several of the most recognized search engines including Google, AltaVista, Lycos, Excite, Go, HotBot, InfoSeek, NorthernLight, and Whatuseek. 

Please understand that once submitted, the search engine companies will review and "spider" your site and consider it for placement in their various indexes and listings.  This process may take several days.  For basic site submittals such as the one you are processing through this form, these companies do not guarantee a specific placement within their listings, however, priority placement may be available for an additional fee.  Please visit your search engine of choice for information about their priority placement fees and processes.  

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